Middle & Senior Leadership

Since 2011, the FTP have been working with John Samuels to deliver this 6 month Middle and Senior leadership programme, which also includes an action research element.

Programme Content

Session 1

This focuses on key leadership research, in particular the work of Susan Scott, Stephen Covey and Daniel Goleman. Delegates look at the difference between Management and Leadership and how leaders build trust. We consider how leaders can maintain authenticity in the eyes of their followers and the concept of incremental improvement. Finally, delegates look at their own leadership style and how they can use this information to lead more effectively.

Session 2

This focuses on the leader’s role in developing others and how this fits into the new education landscape. We look at the importance of having a shared language, an understanding of learning and how the use of learning models and growth mindsets helps raise expectations.  We consider how higher level thinking promotes retention and transference.  We consider the implications of the new standards for professional development and how to develop your team into a professional learning community as well as the importance of mentoring and coaching.  Knowing when to coach and when to mentor and how to make professional development more effective.  Delegates have the opportunity to practise active listening and questioning skills in order to coach effectively. 

Session 3

This day focuses on the management of change. We look at the research on why change fails and the importance of detailed planning in avoiding failure to embed. Delegates have the opportunity to use a number of very useful tools and models that help ensure that change is managed effectively. These offer the opportunity of developing a shared language around change and evaluation for your team. We also look at motivation and the role it plays in change management.

Session 4

This final day focuses on securing accountability. How to ensure that the Performance Management system secures improvement, motivates and empowers staff. We also look at how to have difficult conversations and deal with people that block you. This includes preparing for difficult meetings and giving feedback. Finally, we look at the Governors role in terms of accountability and how this can support improvement.