Primary NQT Training

The FTP has since 2017 run a highly successful NQT training programme for Primary NQTs across Wokingham, called the Bright Futures programme.  

Our Bright Futures programme, is predominately delivered by highly experienced serving Headteachers and senior leaders, and has grown in numbers year on year.

What makes the Programme unique?

  • School Based: Participants will have the opportunity to visit other local schools during the course of their training period.
  • Local Venues:  All our events will be hosted locally within Wokingham and will allow your NQTs the opportunity to visit a range of different settings.  
  • Same Day, Easier Planning:  All our training sessions are held on a Tuesday.  All day events run 9.15 – 3pm, am sessions run 9.15- 12noon and pm session run 1.30-4pm.
  • Networking:  This programme, which on average attracts 30 NQTs per cohort, provides local networking opportunities and helps to build a strong professional learning community.  Each trainee will be placed in a small working group at the start of the programme, who they will work closely with throughout the year, undertaking a minimum of 3 focused learning walks.
  • Bespoke: Numbers permitting we will flex our programme for EYFS NQTs allowing them a maximum of 2 sessions tailored specifically for their needs including visits to local EYFS centres of excellence.
  • Value for Money:  By using local venues and growing our own base of local subject leaders we are able ensure our costs are as low as possible, and as always we have passed these savings onto Wokingham Schools.
  • Trusted Programme:  With average feedback scores this year exceeding 90% for each of our sessions, in addition to all 16 FTP schools sending their own NQTs on the programme.
  • Flexible: Whilst there is an expectation that NQTs will attend the whole programme, schools can also send other members of staff such as recent returners and NQT+1s to individual events.  

Please contact us for pricing details if this is of interest.

The majority of Primary NQTs who undertake this training programme are also registered with Wokingham Local Authority, who act as their statutory Appropriate Body.  

More information about their Appropriate Body role including copies of statutory paperwork can be found on the Wokingham Borough Council website  at

A copy of the 2019/20 NQT programme can be found below.